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Everybody has a story. My job is to write bright words to engage people from the first sentence. I can interview and write on any subject (I always joke about being an expert for a day) for newspapers, magazines, newsletters and publications.  


Scriptwriting is another strength. I have tapped out many scripts for short videos, covering a wide range of topics including a magnificent meeting house, New Plymouth's coastal walkway, a pancake company and a business built on wood. 


I also have a blog focused on health, wellbeing, social justice, creativity and humour. 


Poetry is another great love, especially works best read out loud at slams and open mic nights. I was second in the WOMAD NZ Poetry Slam in 2018 - my first ever public performance - and followed that up by taking the Poetry Slam title in 2019.  

I have written a few short fictional stories, had a series published on immigrant children, have a novel on the go and have just begun a non-fiction book dear to my heart. 

Interviewing and Writing
Storytelling and Poetry


Words are my world. Since 1983, I have been writing stories about everything from court to sport, the arts to education and fine food to glorious gardens.

People and the past are steeped in stories and I love to tell tales that touch hearts, inspire and offer solutions. 


My other interests or obsessions are taking daily flower photos for Facebook, making art, bodysurfing in the wild Tasman Sea, listening to audio books and writing creative fiction.


I also co-host a radio show called Waxing Lyrical (songs with great words) on 100.4 The Most FM. 


Most importantly I am married to a teacher renowned for being a great cook and being slightly obsessed with chillies. We have two grown-up children who also enjoy hot food and the arts.


I am Virginia Winder, but have chosen Wetawoman as my business title because it's a name that grew from overcoming a fear of weta through art.


In the 1990s, one of my children found a dead weta, which I placed on my art desk. I drew it, then turned it into a stencil and later carved a rubber stamp. After examining the beauty of the world’s largest insect, I realised I was no longer frightened of weta. In fact, I had fallen in love with the spiny critters. I even have a weta tattoo on my right shoulder.

Story Samples

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